Is a communication with God possible?

In this post I want to define a communication protocol with God.
First of all, what God is? I am not talking only about the God of the most diffused monotheistic religions, I am looking for any possible deity. So, let’s clarify what I mean for “God”:

  • God is an intelligent entity, let’s say at least as intelligent as a human.
  • God observes the universe. He can just observe how the galaxies are distributed or the evolution of the universe, or he can see the details, even living organisms on a planet. He can even go down to subatomic scale. Also, He can be able to observe the whole universe simultaneously, or maybe he can only focus on a small part of it at the same time.
  • God can affect the universe (otherwise it would be non-existent by definition). Obviously, there are different degrees on how He can interact with the universe. In example, if He can only create 1 neutrino every year across the universe, any communication will be extremely unlikely and horribly difficult, even with the best effort from both parties

The following table should give some examples about the characteristic of a deity.


So, once defined what God is, let’s define the communication protocol:

<I write the protocol>
<God reads the protocol>
   <I write the request, the number of expected bits (N) and their meaning>
   for i=1 to N
      <I perform the experiment>
      <God affects the outcome of the experiment to send the bit>
   end for
   <I check the validity of the answer (e.g. a check-sum must match)>
   If (<The answer is not valid (e.g. God is not communicating)> and 
       <I don't want to waste any more time>) or
      <I have nothing else to ask> then
   end if
end loop

In order to have a reliable communication channel, the following conditions must be met:

  • God is intelligent enough to understand the protocol. Human-like intelligence is enough.
  • God must observe my protocol, e.g. displayed on my/your monitor or idealized somehow in my brain.
  • God must be able to affect the outcome of the experiment.
  • God must be willing to communicate with me.

About the experiment, I can think about some options:

  1. I can use a Geiger counter (like this “Telephone-To-God“) and I can ask God to increase the number of detected decays over a certain number in the next 5 seconds, if He wants to transmit an ‘1’. It should be an easy task for God, but not for me: I would have to spend money for the Geiger counter.
  2. I can use a true random generator running on my computer. In this case God must affect the entropy sources of the computer in a way that the hash function will return the desired value. This will require a tremendous amount of computation for God, and He could be unable to answer.
  3. I can pick a card from a deck. God must drive my choice, affecting my neural processes. It could be easier than the previous method.

Just to clarify, the God of the main monotheistic religions should have all those requirements, so if the experiment will be unsuccessful it should mean that He doesn’t exist or He doesn’t want to communicate with me.

I will try the 2nd and the 3rd method and I will let you know. One day maybe I will try with the Geiger counter too.

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