The main target of this blog is to propose new point of views and thoughts about technology, science, philosophy, maybe ethics, economics and politics.

When I read about something I develop my opinion about it (as everybody). Sometimes I find that some interesting thoughts and remarks are not assessed properly in other blogs. I think that creating a blog could be an effective way to give my contribution. Forum discussions can be very messy, people get angry very easily and comments are often seen as part of a 1vs1 fight. I also find my posts too long for a forum and more suitable for a blog.

This blog is not about me but my point of views. However, if you are curious about me, let’s say I am rational, materialist, atheist, liberal, unemotional and a total nerd. Probably not very cool, but this is what I am… 🙂

The quality of my English if affected by the fact that I am not an native English speaker, so I try to use bullet-lists and images to make the posts clearer.

That’s all!


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